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What We Offer

Our Seasons

Commiting to the club is more than just playing for a season in spring or fall. Our players are part of a team that stays together all year, and for the most part can expect to play on that team year after year. Our system is designed so that players will grow up in the sport together and foster friendships and community within the team and the club. That being said our main playing seasons are Spring (late Feb-late May) and Fall (Aug-Nov). In the summer or winter when it is too hot or too cold to play outside we switch to indoor soccer and futsal. We usually play in a few indoor tournaments during this time.


Our teams typically train 2 or 3 times a week during normal season. Most training takes place at our field, however occasionally we train indoors if the weather is poor. In addition to the competition uniforms players are also given training jerseys that they should wear to each practice along with any required equipment such as shin pads and cleats. Most practices are 1 and ½ or 2 hours long. 


Games and Tournaments

Each team will generally play in 3 or 4 tournaments per season depending on what the coaches and parents for each team want to do. Usually we try to attend one tournament per season that requires travel and overnight stay and the rest are local tournaments that are within reasonable driving distance. In addition to tournaments coaches my set up friendly games with teams from other clubs in the area. These friendly games offer our teams a good opportunity to play opponents without affecting their national or state ranking and help them get ready for tournaments.

Soccer in College Ranking System

Our club utilizes the Soccer in College (SincSport) system. This system ranks teams in a national database by tracking a team's wins and losses in tournament and league play. Each team will have its own sinc sports page that lists staff, roster, games, ect.

Our Facility and Field

Cottontown United is very proud to have a relationship with Athens City Schools that allows us to lease the former Athens Middle School field and really make it a home for our club. We are fortunate to have a field all to ourselves to train and host games on. The facility  includes ample parking, spectator stands, restrooms, scoreboard, and a concessions area. Our parent volunteers have spent countless hours working to improve and maintain the grounds. 

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